Best Attackers: Mikhail Tal

Best Attackers: Mikhail Tal

Feb 17, 2016, 7:16 AM |

I started chess pretty late for somebody who has ambition in chess, but once I'd caught the bug I never lost it.

I began as a fan of Paul Morphy whose games were logical, direct and clear in that they gave me beautiful examples of the tactics which I was learning and was ambitious to master.

I had become a fan of this combinative style and moved from Morphy (and Anderssen) onto Alekhine and finally the great Mikhail Tal.

I read in chess books at the time about how Tal would be at the board with a cigarette in his mouth and full of intensity as he glared at his opponents and sacrificed a knight here and his queen there.

He would risk anything to break through to the enemy king and often sacrificed "intuitively" even if he couldn't prove the soundness of his attack.

Not only are his games worthy of study from a training point of view, but that are beautiful as well.

Let's me show you some now.

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