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Bobby Fischer and his Biggest Weakness

Bobby Fischer and his Biggest Weakness

Feb 14, 2016, 8:02 AM 0

Bobby Fischer was a world chess champion and a genius, despite what anybody might say about his life outside of chess.

He had what some people have called a “universal style” meaning that he can play all types of positions well and I think we can also emphasise his enormous strength in rook and minor piece endgames as well.

In these endgames he had no equal.

Here are a couple of famous examples from the 1971 match with Taimanov in which he got a 6-0 sweep.

As we can see in the games below, whether he had the knight or bishop in the ending, he could turn it to his advantage.

 Fischer's style was classical mostly and his assessment of chess positions was extremely objective to the point that he would sometimes play openings which he'd had terrible...

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