Chess Endgame Strategy: Active Rooks & Faster Pawns!

Chess Endgame Strategy: Active Rooks & Faster Pawns!

Feb 11, 2016, 9:12 AM |

Readers of this blog will know how much I emphasise attacking chess and being aggressive in  your chess playing style, so some might find it surprising that in this article I highly recommend a deep study of chess endgame strategy.

Throughout my life playing chess I have had so many times in tournaments where I made a mistake or was outplayed somewhere (probably as a result of not knowing the opening theory or something), and when it came time to “finish me off” in the endgame, my opponent drifted horribly.

One particularly memorable time was at an open tournament, I was playing black against some booked up junior and in a Najdorf Sicilian (English Attack!).

I was in terrible form during this tournament and to make it worse, I wasn’t familiar with the line he’d prepared so I was in big trouble.

I’d think for 10 minutes and then move and he’d respond immediately before banging the clock and glaring at me.

And thats how we’d go.

I was lost in about 20 moves and he was acting super confident (read: arrogant little shit).

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