Chess in China: Meet Serina!

Chess in China: Meet Serina!

Feb 12, 2016, 12:02 PM |

Half a year ago she was unable to move the chess pieces and had no knowledge of the game.

She joined my chess class and despite missing tons of lessons due to conflicts with her school's schedule (primary school in China places the same workload on children as university in the west!), she has shown enormous talent for the game.

For example, right after a lesson on castling/king safety (and still being a complete beginner), she played a thematic Bxh3 sacrifice as black and summed up her reasoning as follows:

"If he takes, his king isn't safe"

Wow. Such an impressive intuitive feel really helps us to see why China has girls like Hou Yifan dominating the women's field these days.

Imagine what could become of a talent like this if nurtured.

Today she plays the opening smartly - Developing her pieces logically, getting her king to safety, controlling open lines...

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