Chess Weapons for FAST Improvement (All FREE)

Chess Weapons for FAST Improvement (All FREE)

Feb 7, 2016, 5:32 AM |

A Bit More of My Story:

When I was first learning chess, my problem was a serious shortage of information.

I lived in the remote Blue Mountains of Australia and had limited access to chess books, coaching and opponents, and at that time the internet was not really a big thing yet.

This was 1998 and I was 15.

I used to go to the local Katoomba library and borrow 20 year old chess books, written in descriptive notation (ie 1.P-Q4, P-Q4 2.P-QB4, P-K3 etc) and tear them to pieces trying to improve my game.

Almost two decades later this shortage of information is no longer a problem.

Due to the internet explosion, we now have waves and waves of information available at the click of a mouse (or the tap of your device’s screen) and instead of the desperate search for material, we are now faced with a need to FILTER through enormous amounts of information and find the best materials for learning and/or enjoyment of our chess.

In fact, I have a strong suspicion that many players in modern times struggle to improve simply because they have no idea which materials to use and waste so much time studying irrelevant material or stuff that’s unsuited for their level.

This post is designed to point you toward some useful resources that I use or recommend and even better, all resources are FREE. Let’s get into it!

News sites: is a site that I have been using for years to see the latest happenings in the chess world, and watch video interviews with players, pgn downloads, articles and more.

The Week in Chess is a site I have used since I was a teenager mainly for their fantastic weekly pgn downloads of every week’s most important chess games. Haven’t had time to follow Magnus in the recent tournament? Just go to this page and download the most recent TWIC and you’re set.


Arena is my favourite software for tweaking and running tournaments between chess engines. There are tons of features, few if any bugs/crashes and a nice interface.

LucasChess is also an excellent software for beginner to intermediate players to use for training against engines, solving tactical puzzles, studying openings and more. The chess sets included...

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