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How to be a Muscular, Tactical God!

How to be a Muscular, Tactical God!

Feb 10, 2016, 4:44 AM 0

Becoming a good chess tactician is a lot like going to the gym – Going to the gym with the goal of transforming from a thin  and wirey guy, to a guy with a buff and muscular physique.

What is required?

If we are to remove all of the marketing bullsh*t that fitness magazines say, I’d say its quite simple.




This includes nutritional plans, muscle specific exercises, supplementation, sleep requirements, etc.


This includes gym equipment, supplements, water bottle, healthy food, etc.


This includes having the discipline to go the gym daily, to take the necessary supplements as well as to eat intelligently and get enough sleep, etc.

Doing this will bulk up even the slimmest guy with mathematical certainty!

I guess some of you guys might be thinking…

What the f**k does this have to do with Tactics?? :)


We can apply the exact same formula as the “geek to freak” fellow above, in order to become a tactical monster.



We must have basic knowledge of all of the main tactical themes (my course on the basics of tactics is here) and how they work (the mechanics), plus knowledge of the tools needed to sharpen your vision in each area.


We must have access to the best tactics learning/training...


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