My Immortal Game: The most beautiful game I ever played

My Immortal Game: The most beautiful game I ever played

Feb 11, 2016, 9:34 AM |

Most serious chess fans are aware of the so called "immortal"games of Adolf Anderssen from the early 1850s.

These games were played in a swashbuckling style where both sides threw caution to the wind and pieces at their enemy's king until one of them was dead.

Generally the player with the deepest calculation, mixed with the most amazing creativity would win.

Adolf Anderseen played two fantastic games which are indeed immortal in the vaults of chess history, those being against Dufresne and Kieseritzky.

As a teenager when I first started playing chess, I memorised both of these games and always dreamed of playing such masterpieces myself.

Its funny as I became stronger I could no longer take the games seriously as Anderssen's opponents seemed to never want to develop their pieces.

These gentleman sort of begged him to be brilliant by making greedy materialistic moves when their entire army was undeveloped and their king's life hung in the balance.

Not all of them did this, and I must admit that his battles with Morphy and later guys like Zukertort were great fights and are fun to play over when one has time on a spare afternoon.

Anyway friends...

Today I played my own "Immortal Game" at long last.

I have made a video analyzing the key moments.

I hope you like it.

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