Play the way you like and gl hf

Oct 15, 2014, 7:33 PM |

Maybe I'm playing chess wrong. I like 1 minute (by the way, I'm terrible- rating 1100-1200). I like playing on a phone that does not have automove.

I like to play a game at a time and look at them afterward. Sometimes I play while dropping a deuce. Sometimes a game while I make dinner. Sometimes I play while my significant other gives meĀ "death-eyes" for ignoring them. All of this leads me to one of my main chess-ettiquette faux pas: I never rematch anyone. Doesn't matter the game- I just don't. It doesn't mean I hate you, or I think I'm better or worse. We don't owe each other a rematch, simple as that.

On a rather unrelated note, when playing on my crappy old phone I lose plenty of games because I can't automove. But you know what this has taught me? If I give the opponent enough of a time advantage that they can win by marching their king in a circle, then I deserve to lose. Did my opponent do anything illegal? Not at all.

Do I get frustrated when people start to chew me out after they lose (or win strangely enough)? Sure. But everyone can play chess the way that they want. Trolls go for it. I'll just ignore you and move on.

Do I wish everyone said "gg" after each match. Yeah, but good f***ing luck with that.

I guess if this post had some sort of thesis it would be that everyone should play the way that they want. There are no established traditions or rules about how to act online. If you think that there are, I'm sure I can find a troll to prove you wrong.

You play your game and I'll play mine. I'll be respectful because that's the way I hope we all treat each other.