My  Life Story

My Life Story

Dec 27, 2016, 1:49 AM |

My Life was awful

I couldnt do any thing to resolve it...

But one day God change everything in my Life...




True Love finally find me and i accepted him to come in my life . 

♥ My Heart s King ♥

My family ( little Bro & sis ) is here now , live with me , My Best friend (Husband) is willing to me  and Happy and Love me For ever.

we had many problem in this world but we have God , We have 12th Imam ♥ Son Of man ♥

We had each other's...

i dont know what is paradise but when ever we can solve everything together i think we live in paradise...

Shokran Ya Rabi ♥ 

شکرا یا ربی ♥