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For Whom the Liberty Bell Tolls...

Jan 23, 2013, 9:37 AM 3

Played in the U1900 Section of the Liberty Bell Open this past weekend. Rolled three zeros to start the 3-day schedule. Painful my friend very painful. But also necessary, nyet? One should not expect the Road to ultimate success to be easy rider. I was able to stop the bleeding in Round 5 wit a fighting draw against a Southern Man from Tennessee. It was a full-blooded game where I followed the advice of my T-shirt which read, Falcons Just Do It. So I pitched a bishop on g4 for two pawns and an attack. I believe I will post this game later after I've combed through it's Marley (don't shoot me) hair of the dog. So then I lost in Round six after hanging an exchange...witch I did get comp for...let it be known. FINALLY WON a single game in the last round in a filler game. But the theoretical knowledge from this encounter (no it was not sexual but intimate nonetheless) will help me in future amorous endeavors. And I remembered at last call of this tournament that the Game is WAY BIGGER than lil' ol' me.

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