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Saban Earns Championship...

Jan 7, 2013, 10:53 PM 2

So Alabama and the SEC cannot be denied history. Notre Dame was kaput after the 1st Quarter. I heard this on-the-fly since it was Kickoff for the Roller-Hockey Season last night. Uh-huh...I know...not the only Hockey kicking off of late. I did watch all of the 2nd Half and even though I be new to College Football along wit a Georgia BullDog Fan (Born in the ATL) one can only admire Alabamas' professional approach. And how far ahead the SEC is from everybody else. Who and how did they lose a game this year is what I wanna know?! Guess that will make a night this winter to watch some game film. Too many Dragons to Chase in this life. But you know what...WTF not. I must abide by the Tide. This Dude abides. 

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