How to make online chess as much like otb as possible!

How to make online chess as much like otb as possible!

Jan 14, 2015, 7:41 PM |

Ever gotten tired of how little chess online is like otb? There is a solution! Try to make online chess as much like otb as you can. For those of you wondering otb means it means "over the board" and is refering to tournament chess. So here are 5 tips to help make online chess more like otb chess.

#1 play long chess

90+30 is good, 45+45 is a good comprimise. 

#2. Use a real board to help visualize.

This DOES NOT mean using an analysis board, however it does mean that you put a board in front of you to make it more like a tournament. 

#3. Use a score sheet

Now i know this may sound dumb to you, why use a score sheet when it's automatically recorded in the system? Maybe it's different for everyone, but I find that using a score shee is helpful for making it seem more "real" and even if you throw out the paper later it's still a good thing to do I have found

#4. Play fair players

There isn't that much cheating that happens otb, and the cheating that happens U2200 really doesn't need to worry about, however online cheating abounds! Try to play people who you know are not cheating. (if your U1400 this probably doesn't apply to you)

#5 concentrate like it was otb! 

Don't fool around moving in your correspondence games! Concentrate on the game your playing in front of you. Trust me, that can make your rating go up a lot!

Here is a game where i used all 5 of my tips with my analysis

So there you go that's how to make online chess a little bit more like otb. I hope you enjoyed it!