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Fools Mate Book Review: Rich Tactics, Poor Tactics by Hikaru Nakamura

Fools Mate Book Review: Rich Tactics, Poor Tactics by Hikaru Nakamura

Jul 5, 2017, 7:02 AM 0

Rich Tactics, Poor Tactics , by Hikaru Nakamura




American top-10 player Hikaru Nakamura knows a thing or two about tactical skill -- and lack thereof. In his new book, Rich Tactics, Poor Tactics, "Naka" aims to illustrate the vast difference in intellect between Super GMs like him, and hopelessly weak patzers like the large majority of players on chess.com, and other sites.  "Basically, I'm showing two totally different ways of thinking about tactical play, and trying to get players to understand that they aren't capable of solving these problems, that they pretty much have no chance of ever becoming good at chess", says Hikaru.



"Take this position for example. I solved this tactic when I was seven years old after looking at the postion for about ten seconds:



but most tournament players, on the other hand, are more likely to play a game like this:

"There's clearly a stark contrast in tactical ability. It's insurmountable for 99.9% of all players, so they should really start getting into the mindset of being mediocre their entire chess careers", teaches Nakamura. "I mean, if I'm solving positions like this in my sleep":




"...and Johnny club player is doing this":


"it is important that they start to get some perspective on how poor their tactical skills really are, how feeble their minds are compared to accomplished chess professionals".



"My book will deliver a much-needed kick to the groin to the struggling player who is just a complete ignoramus when it comes to tactics", Nakamura assures us.

And with his resume and credentials, who are we to argue with his assertions.

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