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Latest Chess TV Series Lineup Chock Full of Stars

Latest Chess TV Series Lineup Chock Full of Stars

Jul 6, 2017, 3:07 PM 0


Coming soon, couch potatoes and chess aficionados alike will be treated to an exciting new entertainment lineup. The much anticipated schedule includes something for everyone, and will feature plenty of today's top chess personalities.


If you didn't watch the trailer Fool's Mate Magazine released on youtube earlier this week, you may not know that the current world champion will be headlining a spicy new detective show:


Magus, pi season 1 is set to be released on Netflix in late 2017


If you can't wait until Christmas, then you'll get a chance to enjoy at least one early gift. Sinquefield, a hip new sitcom featuring an ensemble cast of top chess personalities, will debut a pilot episode later this month:


"I promise you will be laughing uncontrollably watching me and Jovanka, " says cast member Yasser Seirawan. "But watching Garry on stage in St. Louis will certainly be one of the biggest jokes of the year. He's going to make a complete fool of himself. It's going to be totally hilarious."

For fans of more serious drama, the edgy new thriller, Breaking Baadur , has potential to be this year's break out hit:

Stay tuned to Fool's Mate Magazine for continued updates on the world of chess and entertainment.


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