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World Champion to Star in 80s Reboot TV Series

World Champion to Star in 80s Reboot TV Series

Jul 3, 2017, 3:08 PM 0

Fool's Mate Magazine has received information from sources close to the world champion confirming that Magnus Carlsen has signed on to a preliminary deal to begin production on a fictional comedy/action/drama called "Magnus, PI".


Planned for release on Netflix in late 2017, the retro themed detective series will star Carlsen, along with several other big name chess personalities.


You can catch a glimpse of the exciting new trailer here:



Producers were looking to build upon the sucess of two mildly popular 70's franchises which also featured reigning world champions, detective show Spassky & Hutch, and sitcom Welcome Back Karpov:





Fool's Mate Magazine is looking forward to binge-watching the entire series the moment it is released.


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