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Women's Trash Talk Now Equivalent to Men's, Claim Top Players

Women's Trash Talk Now Equivalent to Men's, Claim Top Players

Oct 18, 2017, 7:23 AM 2

In the sport of chess, the glass garbage bin has apparently been smashed to bits according to today's elite players. It has long been surmised that female chess players were far less active than their male counterparts at engaging in trash talk, but it is clear that this is no longer the case. Today's top grandmasters are certainly in agreement that female players can -- and do -- talk smack at the highest levels.


"They're certainly not afraid to attack you psychologically." claims one world class GM. "When I recently played a dubious move against a sexy opponent wearing a low cut tank top, she scoffed and muttered under her breath 'must be thinking with your little head'".


"The stigma of losing to a girl is already bad enough, so it makes their trash talk all the more potent. When your female opponent looks you dead in the eye, makes a quiet positional move, and says 'I don't need a sac to beat you', its hard not to be thrown off your game."


There's no shortage of humdingers out there but Hou Yifan's trademark "Hou's your mommy! " is among the most inventive and effective trash talk in the game today according to many top players.




"Back in the day, the only one who could bring it a little bit was Nona Gaprindashvilli. When she had an opponent on the ropes, she would begin smugly singing 'sha na nona, sha na nona, hey hey hey, good bye.' It really got under her opponents' skins".


But nowadays, its not at all uncommon to hear a female player exclaiming "gimme that shit" when grabbing a pawn or the exchange during a blitz session.


"They're getting pretty hardcore." says another well known super Grandmaster. "The other day I heard a chick tell her opponent as they were blitzing out the first few moves of the game to 'stick that in your black opening' . That's as sick as anything I've heard from Aronian or Carlsen ".


One thing is sure: With this latest achievement, it should make all of us proud that women have come so far in the world of chess.


This has been a Fool's Mate Magazine special report.


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