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Don't forget to play!

Don't forget to play!

Mar 16, 2017, 10:34 AM 3

Are you so busy growing up that you forget to just play? I think one of the principal reasons children are so happy all the time is the fact that they are constantly playing and inventing new games! We shouldn't take things so seriously as to stop playing. There is pleasure in playing. Playing with words, playing with gestures and why not, playing chess! happy.png A chess game can be as harsh as a fiery battle or as soft as a scrabble match between two arduous thinkers. As deep as you can go, remind yourself to enjoy the game while playing. Have fun in the midst of it for fun has to do with satisfaction and intellectual ecstasy is such a form of satisfaction! Besides chess, I personally like to play while dancing cuban salsa! I would love to have a dance on a gigantic chess board! Let's see if there is anyone who will dare invite me to! Or at least invite me to a blitz game! tongue.png

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