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First things first

First things first

Jul 11, 2017, 3:36 AM 3

Gardening! For me, the best of a garden is its produce! I like to smell the flowers, to taste the fruit, to gather the vegetables, to gaze on the beauty thereof! I dream of having a big garden someday soon and to enjoy it! Still, that probably will require that I hire a gardener! happy.png The reason is, as desired as the harvest might be, its time comes only after having accomplished a series of activities, such as cutting out the weeds, preparing the earth, planting, watering, choosing the most appropriate kind of protection for the crop, ensuring the right kind of sun exposure and, my favorite one, blessing it! happy.png Some days ago I asked a friend to help me work on a little piece of land in front of our house. That wasn't very funny but was really the first step taken in order to reach the big picture of a nice garden: we took out the weeds. This wild thing can grow tall and what you need to do is not only cut it or break it, but to uproot it is mandatory so later on it will not reappear and suffocate the next population. So that's what we did and the more we were cleaning the area the more I was enjoying it, except for the fact that we made a colony of ants gather in an assembly in order to discuss with urgency the finding of a new habitat! It's good news they didn't have to search for some far land, but just find refuge next to a tree. What we did was this: we cleared the way for planting what we really wanted, not what just grows by itself. Now I am planning on circling some spaces with round stones, placing some fertile soil inside so I can put the seeds deep in, water them and wait for the miracle to take place. Isn't it amazing that out of a little seed a whole forest can appear over time? For me this is spectacular! It's the same tool God created in order to populate the whole Earth: He made one man and one woman and that was enough for billions of people to emerge on the Blue Planet! As sure as we are concerning the gravitation, we likewise must be concerning the fact that we always reap that which we plant. The most important thing is not allowing anyone to cast unwanted seed on our ground or else to uproot that which does not belong to our chosen culture. We need to water our own seed and protect it until we see the harvest. We wait for it patiently and it won't tarry. It is ours to be!

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