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It's not all about chess

It's not all about chess

Aug 2, 2017, 7:23 PM 1

Yesterday I visited a very beautiful island called La Maddalena. My tour guide was a dear friend, himself a passionate chess player. As I was discovering new things about the place, it was like we were treasure hunting, while precious gems emerged at every step. I learned about historical figures such as Domenico Millelire and Giuseppe Garibaldi, we saw different kind of rocks and sea organisms in the museum of geology, even small parts of actual meteorites! We touched the peaceful atmosphere of a small country church enhanced by a softly played music, we had a delicious lunch at the Navy club and then got ourselves selfies in front of an exquisite panoramic view of the sea and sister islands around. Gorgeous as that might be, the more than 40 Celsius degrees temperature made us look for some freshness in a green pine forest where we ... didn't play chess, but had a nice conversation over a drink, before I went back on the boat on my way home. It was all so fascinating! I learned how to be more responsible in safeguarding the planet that God entrusted to our care. We need to enjoy this gift with accountability. You see, it's not all about chess. Life is about exploration, new discoveries, and new conquests. And the greatest conquest is that of the own self. 

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