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Power of many

Power of many

Mar 17, 2017, 3:15 AM 4

Shared passion is pure dynamite. Going hand in hand will cover a great length, and that together. This is the key word: together. It demands unity, collaboration, going in the same direction and spreading toward new territories. Every great contest has been possible because of working together. It doesn't imply that all team members must be alike. The queen looks different from the rook and functions diversely and yet queen and rook will work together on the chessboard. Pieces are not to be left alone, but each of it should know its meaning and mission, each of it must be integrated in the bigger picture. The white and black armies are two different communities made of individuals. The beauty of these individuals at the beginning of the game is that they are mated: two rooks, two knights, two bishops, paired pawns, king and queen. And what a masterpiece of a game the player can create using each piece's talents and special abilities, turning them into art! Notice there is no competition between the members of the same team, only mutual aid and the sharing of one and the same goal and vision. Plug it all in and turn the power on!

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