Rapid Chess Champion 2017

Rapid Chess Champion 2017

WIM Cami3
May 22, 2017, 10:33 AM |

Yesterday my team and I won the Romanian Cup, too big for the picture as you can see! happy.png Let me share with you part of one of my games, which I played with black.

So black is to move. What would you play? The position resulted from French and apparently white has some advantage: he has developed first, he already started the attack toward black's castle, which is not very well defended, especially because of the pawn advanced to a6. On top of that white has got the pair of bishops looking toward the queen's side too and suddenly 1. b5 as an imminent threat.

How can I, under these circumstances, find a way to keep up with the development and start an attack on the king's side before white will reach my king? The normal 1... f6 looks to be too slow. 1... Ng6 is not sufficient since the knight will block the pawns from going forward with the intent of opening the files. Is there anything that can turn the situation around for good? Let's give it a thought! happy.png

Well actually yes, there is a way to gain the initiative and get a sudden breakthrough and that through a pawn sacrifice. You might think I got the inspiration from the latest movie about Fischer's life and chess career but nope, the night before I was watching Johnny English Reborn!!! Hahaha!! grin.png 

Therefore I chose to give up a pawn in order to develop my pieces with tempo. Let's follow through the moves that conducted the game to victory! wink.png 1... g5!! 2. Bxg5 Rg8! 3. h4 f6 4. Bf4

Cool! I could open the G file and activated my rook! White had to play 3. h4 to avoid losing the pawn in h3. What's left? I must also develop the dark square bishop! Let's take the boy out for a ride!! tongue.png 4... Bh6!! 5. Bxh6 Qxf3 6. g3 Nf5 7. Qf4 Ncxd4 8. Re3 Qxf4 9. Bxf4 Nxc2 10. Ree1 Nxa1 11. Rxa1 Nxh4 12. Kf1 Ng6 13. Be3 d4 14. Bd2 dxc3 15. Bxc3 Ne5 16. f4 Ng4 17. Re1 Rd3 0-1

So white never got the chance to play pawn to b5 after all! In the critical moment during the game, the one gaining the initiative had the upper hand over the opponent. With several threating moves I managed to create weaknesses around white's castle and then performed a square play, activating all my pieces in order to overpower white's forces. Subsequently, I gained material and so the game!

I hope you liked my adventure and thank you for your time and interest! happy.png I wish you all to catch every opportunity to improve your performances and have fun while playing chess!! Love ya! KISS