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Trip to Rome

Trip to Rome

Jun 24, 2017, 10:41 AM 9

What a magnificent city Rome is! This month I've been blessed to go there for a three days vacation together with my mother and middle sister. In the first evening, we visited the Trevi Fountain and enjoyed a long walk in the night. Next day the first stop was at Vatican and we got there in time to hear the Pope's sermon, seeing him at the window looking toward the Saint Peter's Square. Blessed time indeed and an anointed message! In the afternoon we went to see the Colosseum, Roman Forum and the Vittoriano. So many marvellous buildings lasting through centuries... And thinking that some of my ancestors came from Rome since Dacia became a Roman province and the populations mingled... Really I didn't feel like being in a foreign place, maybe also because I speak Italian. But I like it so so much! Travelling to see the architectural beauties throughout the city on the tourist bus, walking in the historical centre, eating the delicious three taste ice cream, yummy, even the hot weather became bearable. The day before we left we went to see the museums in Vatican, had lunch in the garden and continued to visit and pray in the Saint Peter's Basilic. In the evening we had a very pleasant dinner on the National Street, being served by Egyptian waiters. Good food, tasty pizza, delicious tiramisu and a double portion limoncello to celebrate our trip adventure in the heart of the Ancient Roman World. Rome is simply beautiful! And apart from its form, its major beauty is represented by the multitude of people walking it daily, people seemingly coming from all parts of the Earth, from a variety of races and cultures. I felt close to them, even without knowing them. I hope you too will get to visit Rome sometime! And then share your gladness with the others! happy.png

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