Surviving Early Middle Game as Black

Nov 17, 2012, 1:14 PM |

As discussed in my earlier blog, "Surviving the Opening as Black", I attempt to show you how to play better than average chess without a lot of book study.  The Pirc/Modern is a universal defense against any opening by white. And, it's one of my favorites! With just a little study you should be able to "hold your own" against any white attack.

The main objectives of Pirc/Modern defense is protect the king and start a queenside attack against white. White players who are not versed in this defense are often taken by surprise when their early attacks fail against a "seemingly" weak defense.

First, let's consider the Classical attack by white:

After this line black is at least even - maybe with a slight advantage!

A white player with some knowledge about Pirc might try the Austrian attack:

A more studied white player might try an early, strong attack called the 150 attack. Basically, white sets up the Q-B battery early, castles queenside, then marches the h pawn down against our castled king. The trick to black's defense is to delay castling, if at all. And, start your queenside attack early.

As you can see, it requires very little study on black's part to modify his plans against the most common attacks by white. Good luck and have FUN!