Florida Massacre


I wish to express my great sadness at such a senseless act of violence. My condolences are extended to everyone affected by this tragic event.

To be honest, I am rather avoiding discussions and reports revolving around this horrible event. I am doing so because I am certain that it will be construed into something other than what it's really about.

It's not about religion; even if religious beliefs played a role, that's not what it's about.

It's not about the persecution of gays; and I say that as a gay man. The gays simply made convenient targets.

It's not about gun control. Advocates will use this tragedy to further their own personal agendas and opponents will use this tragedy to benefit their political goals. I can hear, already, the NRA saying, "Ah, but you see, if just one of those people had possessed a gun, this would have never happened!"; or, the advocates, I can already hear them say, "See? We told you! This is why we need to take these guns off the streets!"

So, it's not about gun control, gays or religion. What is it about?


It's about hate. It's about fear. It's about loss. It's about grief.

For once, following a tragedy of this magnitude, I'd like to see our reactionary, selfishly-motivated society come together and simply grieve; then sit down as rational human beings and ask, without assumptions: "What can we do to help those affected ... including the gunman and the gunman's family? How did this happen? What can we, as a society, do to prevent this from happening again?"

And until then ... I just simply grieve.