"The Black Font" and "This is WAR"

"The Black Font" and "This is WAR"

Nov 17, 2015, 2:10 AM |

I'm Cathy. I am against forced marriages. I am against oppression. I am a freedom fighter. 

But I'm also a nerd who fell for the first Superman 
film and transformers cartoons at a young age. I go 
with superhero t - shirts which often bear markings 
and symbols. Symbols that says; "You are what you 
choose”. You can choose what you want. The greatest
of all is love. Heroism" etc.
Your black hijab carries font in black that I can 
read - even if you make it very clear that "I do not 
choose clothes to satisfy you." I go dressed the way I want. 
I neither require or expect understanding, but I demand to be
treated as an equal human being - for that I am. So to you 
who believe that you can decide what clothes I can use 
and not use: You're just another irrelevant and annoying 
sense. What you say will not change anything, so maybe it's 
time to get off the high horse and treat others around you 
with compassion. 
Facecover in public spaces is a betrayal of the open society

The black font

I do not know who of us sitting on the tallest horse, but I'm terribly aware that the higher, the deeper fall. Allow me nevertheless to come with "one more irrelevant and annoying sense".

Your niqab tells me:

I am submissive men. I'm not allowed to say no to sex in marriage. My husband has the right to beat me and my children. I do not have the right to choose my own partner. I am created to serve Muslim men. Muslim men deserve virgins. Muslim men deserve virgins in heaven more than me. I support the rape of free people. I support the rape of children (see the life of Muhammad and the slave markets of the Islamic state). I am against sexual minimum age(last out Turkey). I support the murder of infidels. I am against the law in my country. I put no law of sharia (but I follow country law in the open, sharia quietly). I am a slave to hadiths that I submit to me voluntarily. I am obedient (quietly) to the injustice done by Muslims against non-Muslims. Sex is sinful. Love is sinful. Freedom is sinful. Friendship between the sexes is sinful. Free will must be subjected to the law. Am I being raped it is my own fault (wrong place, wrong sex, the wrong clothing). I do not have the right to decide over myself. I support, at least in Muslim countries, decapitation, flogging and stoning. I support cutting off hands. You're annoying. I have no respect. Those who do not choose the same as me is irrelevant. I support jihad. I support the world's submission to Allah. I'm better than the infidels.

You point out: "I have chosen to go with it, and I start using my right to practice my religion the way I want."

You show contempt and demands respect. I do not support you because I am totally against the "black font" on your clothing.


However, I take into account that you are not a free person. You are either brainwashed by your surroundings, or that you might be forced. I think most of the first alternative.... Your Mosque and your surroundings applauds the result! 


ABOUT THIS WAR (yes, because it's a war and have been for decades)The motive for this war and the attacks is fundamentally due to the attackers, the Muslims,  dissatisfaction with a modern and civilized way of living, a way of life that is not only incompatible with, but infringe, their ideology, Islam. (I do not say that all Muslims are terrorists or support terrorism, what I say is that the terrorists’ reasons and motive can be found in Islam).


I also believe that our leaders in the civilized part of the world in no way will do what is necessary to stop the attacks. Our leaders are too weak (as Chamberlain and almost everyone else was in 1939).


Here is my recipe:

All environments where there may be Muslim militants should be monitored.

Anyone planning terror, or making real threats, must be arrested.

All leaders, like Imams; that encourages or tributes attacks or war against the West must be arrested.

All demonstrations (in cities in the West) that become violent should be stopped by whatever means necessary.

It shall not happen that the police run away from demonstrators (such as an embarrassing film on youtube shows take place in connection with a demonstration in London a few years ago).

All "no-go" zones (as in Paris, Marseille, London etc.) where ambulances and fire engines are attacked by stone-throwing people!, and where the police rarely dare to show up, must be cleaned up whatever the costs. There should be no areas in the West where the laws do not longer applies and where sharia-like conditions prevail.

Those groups that have declared war against the West must be apprehended military. This applies today primarily ISIS/ISIL, but also alQaida, Taliban, Boko Haram, etc. Today's war against IS is very weak and half-hearted, one can not eliminate an aggressive enemy in such a way. Airstrikes alone has little effect, what is needed is "boots on the ground" - air attack is only effective in support of ground troops. Such a war must be waged until the enemy is crushed so that Nazism was crushed in 1945. Moreover, the regimes in countries supporting attacks on Westerners should also be eliminated.

These are some of the measures that must be taken in order that civilization will survive.