US Chess League Week 4: NY Knights vs SF Mechanics

IM Chandra-NY
Sep 19, 2013, 2:04 PM |

Week 4 of the US Chess League has come to an end. Overall, it was a good one for us, the NY Knights, as we defeated the SF Mechanics 2.5-1.5, handing them their first loss of the tournament. Always nice to play spoiler Smile. The victory against the Mechanics gives us sole lead in our division for now. For me, it's the first time playing in the USCL, and a team tournament. It's exciting to know that you're contributing to your team's success (or misfortune Wink). Our lineup against the Mechanics was as follows:

Board 1 SF GM Vinay Bhat - NY GM Pascal Charbonneau (Draw)

Board 2 NY Matt Herman - SF IM Daniel Naroditsky (0-1)

Board 3 SF Andy Lee - NY Akshat Chandra, me Smile (0-1)

Board 4 NY Alexander King - Vignesh Panchantham (1-0)

Here is my game against Andy.


I apologize for limiting my analysis to exclamation points and question marks, but I'm still getting familiar with's settings. To recap the game, I was under pressure throughout, but a couple of bad decisions from my opponent allowed me to escape with victory.The only thing positive I've been able to extract from this game is that I can find good moves when I'm in time pressure. 29.Rfe8 ! and 31.Qd4 ! were both played when I had less then a minute. I'll leave you to work out what happens if White plays Nd5 after both those moves. If only I could find good moves when I actually have time on my clock Smile

Week 5 has us Knights crossing swords (sorry,bad pun Smile) with divison rival Philadelphia Iventors on Sept 25, 7pm EST.

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                                      GO KNIGHTS !

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