ODU U1400 Rated Tourney. Rounds 1 and 2, September 24th, 2014.

Sep 24, 2014, 8:16 PM |

Old Dominion University's Chess Club put together a USCF rated U1400 tourney today at Webb Center. The higher ranked players would play as white. Our time setting was Game in 45 minutes. Going into this, with 13 rated regular games played, I had a ranking of 1080. 

 Now for the second game, against the player I've played most at ODU's chess club, Saphal. His rating was close to mine back when I first started coming to ODU's chess club, but he's steadily been improving and I've been spinning my wheels not making the most of the education opportunities here with the Premium Chess.com membership. 

I would exit in a mental huff. I mean come on, 0-2? The games I play on chess.com, the times I beat family members over the board at home, my reading of literature from Silman and reat articles + watch videos on this site....I thought I would have better outcomes.

I know I need to get better. I want to get a LOT better. I'm currently not handling chess study correctly and I am currently missing the best lesson plans.