reputational side

Jan 18, 2010, 3:15 PM |

 People who are reading this:

Are you a person who loves to pick on weaklings?

Are you someone who hates to face against tough players?

Are you someone who wants to be white all the time?


If you would say yes to even one of these quesions, you should improve yourself by tackling the hard stuff! You shouldn't be a coward. You play against tough players, not weak players. You try to be black to give yourself a challenge, not WHITE. You should try to HELP the weaklings instead of beating them up mercilessly. Here is one way to tell you if you pick on weaklings: If your current reputation of games you play is at least 100 lower than your rating. Even if you're low on rating, and your reputation is high, then who cares. It matters about having the strength to try hard and beat better players, not just weak players. My style of playing is to play the game right in front of you; make sure you don't abort against high-rating people.