Nate vs Chess4Him



Chess4Him: We were on track until your h3 move

Chess4Him: Trying to keep my Knight off g4?

Chess4Him: Or, limiting my LSB

nate23: to keep you knight off of g4

nate23: the light squares are open so I would be glad if you traded your bishop for my knight

Chess4Him: okay, prepare for Be3

Chess4Him: Long think here...really did not want to trade...

Chess4Him: But, I did not like investing tempo to salvage because you were determined to trade...

nate23: I would prefer to keep my bishop, but your is stronger

nate23: I liked 11...c5

Chess4Him: I was hoping to simply gain some space

nate23: oops, not yet

Chess4Him: right

nate23: wrong move number

Chess4Him: I looked at that

nate23: simply exd and I am better

Chess4Him: I think I should have done it here, move 12...

Chess4Him: no, wait, I was concerned about your Queen capturing!

Chess4Him: never mind

nate23: My queen can't capture

nate23: My queen can't capture

Chess4Him: right

nate23: I considered g4 on almost every move, I wonder if there was a good time to play it

Chess4Him: I thought to ingonre it...

nate23: g5 would be a mistake

nate23: keep the pawn on g4 and restrict the knights play

Chess4Him: *ignore

Chess4Him: What would be better here for Black?

nate23: I prefered Nf5 or a5

nate23: or Nb6

nate23: I am sure Jeremy Silman would have lots to say about this position...

Chess4Him: ...Nb6 b2

Chess4Him: Wish he were here!

Chess4Him: I think I have everyone of his books...lot of good it did me :)

Chess4Him: ?!

nate23: You could play Ng3-e4

Chess4Him: And then, f5?

nate23: Not f5, which I would take e-p

nate23: If you ever play f5, exf5 ep and my knights have access to e5

nate23: Now f4 is protected, I have outposts on e5 and c5

nate23: and you your d6 pawn is potentially weak

Chess4Him: Yes, this position is worse for Black!

Chess4Him: back to game...

nate23: I would also consider Re8 and Bf8

nate23: followed by c6, Qb6 Rc8 all preparing c5

Chess4Him: "all preparing", for c5, so to capture effectively, right?

nate23: c5 looks like a must, but it must be carefully prepared for

Chess4Him: I see, I was not patient or preparred enough

nate23: Right. c5 was a good move if played a the right time

nate23: a5, preventing Bb4 looked best

Chess4Him: a5

nate23: I was planning a4

nate23: c5 now cannot be right as b4 is hanging

Chess4Him: right

nate23: whoops

Chess4Him: of course!

nate23: cxb4 looks better for black

nate23: as he has more space on the queenside

Chess4Him: yes

nate23: perhaps c3 is not good at all

nate23: this would shake things up a bit

Chess4Him: Nate, is there a way to save our "analysis, I mean the lines or variations we looked at?

nate23: Unfortunately no

Chess4Him: I just did, copied to a "Word" document...can add later...

nate23: previously you could, but changed the analysis board

nate23: That's a good idea, we could also make the moves on a diagram as well

Chess4Him: I got the conversation and our moves

nate23: Great! the conversation is instructive as well

Chess4Him: Hope next time, I am Black as well! If Rev Al Sharpten does not mind!

nate23: Pardon my ignorance, who is Al Sharpten?

Chess4Him: "Reverend" Al Sharpton... for another converstion@!

Chess4Him: I lose material...of course the exchange

Chess4Him: thanks

nate23: You ruined my fun, if Nf5 c6!

Chess4Him: ??

nate23: Hmm, I can't move the pieces, would you make me a "student?"

Chess4Him: try it now

nate23: No, I still can't

nate23: Click my name and select

nate23: "make a student"

Chess4Him: Does not offer "Make Student"

User nate23 is now observer.

User nate23 is now student.

Chess4Him: now?

nate23: Works great now, thanks

nate23: So Rfc8 was a good move

nate23: although a5 is possible, but I think I worked out a refutation for that move

nate23: but I can't seem to remember ti

nate23: *it

Chess4Him: Yep, good move!

Chess4Him: !

Chess4Him: I already lost the game here,

nate23: Keeps things alive

nate23: black has f6 coming

nate23: unlocking the bishop

Chess4Him: sure,

Chess4Him: I should have protected a3 again...

nate23: Rxa6 is winning here, but b5 is tempting

Chess4Him: You know, I thought I was gaining space earlier, but I see now that you actually have the space...right?

nate23: I have much more space

nate23: here it is a matter of technique

Chess4Him: ugly!

nate23: the pawns are unstoppable

nate23: You do not want to trade knights

nate23: Ne7 looked better

Chess4Him: No matter how I fiddle this, it is a lost position for Black...

Chess4Him: With good play on your side...this is a won game...

nate23: right, the pawns will pave the way to victory

Chess4Him: I could only hope for a blunder or mistake and at the level of chess I am moving into, that is not realistic

nate23: the fact that your rook is on the same file as your king is crushing

Chess4Him: I was crushed early on...

Chess4Him: I will await our next battle and will studying hard!!

nate23: I notice that these DHLC games have early middlegames

Chess4Him: I will be victorious, sometime before retirement!

nate23: That's a good attitude

Chess4Him: Actually, for me, they are starting later and later....

Chess4Him: At the 1200 level, we make so many opening errors

Chess4Him: Now, I have to be preparred for 10-15 moves in on an opening plan...

nate23: Interesting, most of my games have both players with half their time used by move 15

Chess4Him: Thanks for upping the bar on me!

nate23: Don't study the opening too much, the middlegame is much more important

nate23: Besides, your opponents rarely play the main lines

Chess4Him: You are right, but for me...

nate23: It is much better to learn the correct plans to go with your opening

Chess4Him: I need to study some actual master games using the Pirc, Modern and KID to "see" what is a common middle and endgame and how the opening finesses

Chess4Him: right

nate23: Annotated games or opening books are good for that

Chess4Him: Alright...I want to copy our conversation and the variations that we have looked at...

Chess4Him: Your "post-moterm" has been Great!

nate23: If you could send that to me I would appreciate it

nate23: Thanks for the game and the analysis!

nate23: Good luck to you and your team in the money round

Chess4Him: thanks Nate!! I will send as soon as I get everything transferred!