Nobody Can Be The Master In Chess: A Real Life Story

Aug 14, 2009, 11:26 AM |

"Oh No! it can't be happening to me how can this be happening to me? " I was rubbing my head furiously. How can I be playing so roughly? There must be a way but at last I was completely sure that I am going to be so called "the loser" in this game. I was still thinking very hard very hard but no reply from the thinking brain.
Then I make myself calm and started looking at my army. They were completely defeated but I didn't lose hope. I was still thinking meditatively. Then finally, I touched a piece and move it one square. My opponent was still looking curious and now he became more curious because I made a bad move ! That piece I touched was a pawn and when you move a pawn forward you know that square where he was standing before becomes a weak square. Oh No! I am Dead because on the next move I was going to be Checkmated. My opponent was looking very victorious . He touched his powerful piece the Queen and move it on a square. I don't know where did he put it. All I could hear was just a word "Check" from my opponent. I look for a square. A square for the protection of my King but no the safe squares were occupied by my pieces . I can also understand that I have a cramped position. A position where there is lack of mobility of my pieces. I look for a square where my King could go and he would not be put in Check. But I was hopeless against the threat of Checkmate. After a few minutes my opponent said "Checkmate" with a smile on his face and I was now a official loser in this match. I was playing Chess with my uncle.
Sadly I got out of his house. My uncle also realized that I was very sad about the game. He told me that "Practice makes perfect". I ignored him because I was in a bath of sadness and started thinking how can I be checkmated. I made reasons:
1. I had a cramped position.
2. My King was expose to attack.
3. I had a poor defense.
4. My attacking skills were not fine.
5. I had a minimum amount of Force.
After looking all the reasons I made a suggestion that next time these things ain't gona happen. Then for the second thought I started thinking why my uncle can be so lucky. I made reasons about his play but I understood clearly that his reasons were the opposite of mine and that is why he checkmated me. While thinking all those thoughts I reached my house and locked the door of my room, lay out the chessboard and pieces, and started practising a good position, king safety, powerful defense, good attacking and having a maximum amount of force and material.
After practising all those things I was still hopeless because my uncle was more than a champion. He was a master to me. It was night and I decided to have a good night sleep. Otherwise I was gonna practise all night. On the next day I woke up after hearing what my mother said "Arrange your Booktable". I was not gonna do that but its my mother's order. I started arranging the books according to alphabetical order. When I was arranging, a book fell to the floor.
A chess book and one of its page was open and on that page there was a quote. A quote on chess that said:
"Never to be sure of your victory in this game of Chess. It is a most complicated game of intellectuals having almost infinite variety of moves. Nobody can be its master."
After looking at that quote I was deeply affected and decided to have a rematch with my uncle, so, as decided I took out the chess board and pieces and started my way to my uncle's house. This time I was completely sure that all those mistakes I had done before will not gonna happen. My confidence was strong and I was sure that I am gonna defeat him on the day. The day of taking revenge from my uncle.