So what if computers are better than humans!

Aug 19, 2007, 6:43 AM |

Computers should be better at chess than humans. So what? When we go to a tournament we aren't sitting across from Chessmaster or Fritz. We are playing another human. Trust me it's different. For those of you who have played in OTB tournaments you'll relate, to those of you that haven't you need to participate in an over the board (OTB) tournament.

Some of my greatest blunders have occurred at tournaments because of the live conditions. Sitting face to face with your opponent creates a totally different aspect to chess. Your heart races, your blood boils, your palms sweat and your brain is on overload. Every noise makes you cringe and every move regenerates the above emotions. No computer could ever experience this and no computer could ever make me feel this way.

I played in a tournament where I was beat by the following: (I was 35 years old then, and the tournament was the HB Global in Minneapolis... No Joke!!!!)

  1. A seven year old Vietnamese girl
  2. A man with no legs
  3. An older women paralyzed on one side of her body from a stroke (I beat her)
  4. A ten year old boy
  5. Then I dropped out of the tournament and drove home. I was mentally destroyed.

On the drive home I had an epiphiny: Real chess is sooooooo much more than moving pieces on a computer. The psychological aspect at OTB tournaments can not be recreated by computer chess. Anybody can break down at any minute in a chess tournement. Anybody can be champion of their division. I realized that it wasn't my game that needed work, it was my state of mind.