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Hungary vs. USA Youth Rapid Match

Hungary vs. USA Youth Rapid Match

Oct 14, 2015, 12:46 PM 2

Hungary vs. USA Youth Rapid Match

broadcast live on Chess.com/TV! 


For more information on the Global Chess Festival:  http://globalchessfestival.com/
Basic format:  2 games each (switching colors), time control G/15 minutes with 5 second increment (not delay) on each move.
Pairings (Hungary starts with White on Boards 1 & 3; USA starts with White on Boards 2 & 4):
Board 1:  Alex Krstulovic (HUN) vs. Anthony Ge (USA)
Board 2:  Gabriel Eidelman (USA) vs. Gellert Karacsonyi (HUN)
Board 3:  Kata Karacsonyi (HUN) vs. Robert Shlyakhtenko (USA)
Board 4:  Raphael Manahan (USA) vs. Markus Molli Amina (HUN)
Total ratings (based on USCF = FIDE + 100):  USA = 7625, Hungary = 7629.
The team with at least 4.5 points after 8 games (win = 1, draw = 0.5, loss = 0) will be the winner.  If the teams are tied after 8 games, there will be an Armageddon game to break the tie.  Each team will choose a player to represent them in the Armageddon game; a coin toss will determine color assignment; White will receive 7 minutes with no increment or delay; and Black will receive 5 minutes with no increment or delay; but Black will have draw odds.  Therefore, in the case of a draw in the Armageddon game, Black's team wins.

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