OK! This Time I Need 256 Players! :D

OK! This Time I Need 256 Players! :D

Dec 24, 2013, 11:15 AM |

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   Since my first two tournaments are starting off well, I've decided to do another set of them, this time with better rating categories but using the same settings otherwise.


  • 64 Players per tourney
  • 2 Players per group--1 advances
  • No Vacation Time
  • Tie-breaks
  • 2 days/move


   I'll include the links down at the bottom and you'll be able to choose whatever tournament your rating allows you to. Here are the rating categories just in case you're curious and the links for the tournaments:



   I hope these ratings work well for everyone. They're definitely more fair then the last set. So enjoy the tourneys everyone and we'll start a new set once these get underway. Laughing


   Happy Holidays and be safe and healthy!