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Oct 5, 2013, 10:05 AM |

Calculate Till Mate -

Just have a look at today’s GM games – full of tactical twists and turns, intense fight for the initiative, sacrifices for dynamic compensation, and mind-boggling complications in ALL phases of the game.

Gone Are The Days When You Can Single-Mindedly Follow An Abstract Plan And Win Games!

True, positional play and strategic understanding are still important. But…

If you do NOT have a SHARP EYE for tactics
If you do NOT have an EFFICIENT calculation technique
If you do NOT have CRYSTAL-CLEAR visualization skills

…You will continuously get outclassed by players who are strong in these departments.
You will LOSE to a tactical oversight after playing 40 good moves game after game after game.
You will NOT realize your FULL chess potential.

You only have two choices: adapt to this trend or be left out frustrated as your chess results rot away and your progress stalled.

So what is the improving chess amateur to do!?

Are you still with me? Have you decided to keep up with the trend and play DYNAMIC chess? Good! That goes to show that you really want to get better at chess. But now, we come to another cross-road… another branching point where you have to make a crucial choice.

When it comes to training tactics, calculation, and visualization skills, you ONLY have 2 options.

The First Option: To Do What Everyone Else Have Been Doing
And that involves:
(1) solving truckloads of tactical exercises and
(2) reading or watching game analysis of strong tactical GMs.

Take a close and objective look at the chess DVDs, databases, training software & programs, etc. You will soon realize that, while their titles are different, they are published by different authors, ALL of them only offer either or both of the above training methods.

So what’s the problem with that? A BIG ONE I’d have to say!

I’m pretty sure you have solved & waded through thousands of tactical exercises yourself, and watched GMs like Anand, Shirov, Kasparov, and other heavy-weights analyze their very best and most entertaining games.

Here’s an honest question that needs an honest answer. By doing the above OVER and OVER again…

Can You HONESTLY Say That Your Tactical Skills Got BETTER, Your Calculation Got More EFFICIENT, And Your Chess Vision Got SHARPER?

I bet NO, otherwise, you wouldn’t be here in search of a SOLID and RELIABLE way to take your dynamic chess skills to the next level!

Yes, the well-known methods are lacking.

They are easy to do: just solve puzzles and check the solution, sit back and relax as your favorite players comment their games. However, when it comes to the improving your game, they’re a cut or two short.

You can stick with the traditional methods of training your tactics, calculation, and visualization skills… which DON’T bring significant progress.

OR, you can go for the Second Option…

To Use A COMPLETE Training System That’s Been Used Only By My SELECT Chess Students And Close Friends…
One That Has CONSISTENTLY Brought Success!

Increase in their chess rating by leaps and bounds (100-300 rating pointsincrease).

Win more tournaments and bag BIGGER and BETTER prizes.

Win games in BRILLIANT and BREATH-TAKING fashion.

And even convincingly grab GM and IM norms!

These are just to name some of the AMAZING successes of my chess students and friends. And if that sounds like a good deal to you, then BRAND-NEW course – “CALCULATE TILL MATE” is for you!

Calculate Till Mate -