State Matches

Feb 13, 2011, 12:56 PM |

Here are some of the games i played over the weekend. I played 4 on friday, and 3 on saturday. I will not post the a few, because they arent really entertaining and not my best work.


Feeling Confident going into the 3rd round. At this point i was 1-0-1. The 1st round had been a mutual draw, for complicated reasons. This next game is the 3rd round of the day.
Last Round of the day. Not as mentally tired as i was expecting. Actually, the exact opposite. This was against the 27th ranked school going into the tourny
Here is my only loss, I'm already aware it was poor play, but feel free to analyze all of my mistakes lol
Game 6 isnt impressive. He missed an elementary fork which bought him down a rook for a knight, no point in posting it. Here is my last game against the ranked 5 1st board at the time
Barely escaped, nasty mate. Hope you all enjoyed the games :)
Any analysis would be appreciated!