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This not 'Desperado' of Antonio Bendaras. 2ndly, when going for blog my user name appears ChessMuderer (that was previous one, now ChessWish).

As per my words in one of my form post (Team Pakistan), this is the prelude of ''Secret of Chess Tactics''. I am in reverse gear e.g. should have started with the definition of 'Tactics' & 'Combination'. Any way, my style or whatsoever.

I am writing it, mainly, with the help of an old book written by former World Champion Max Euw (Dutch) and Yasser Seirawan (US GM). Max Euw, most gentlemanly of all the world champions. (handsome too, interested members can see his pic on my page, where other pic are available too. Although, the galaxy of Champs. and GMs still incomplete there but soon it will moving onward)

Max book published by famous chess books' publishers David McKay Company. In his book Dr Max discussed about strategy and tactics. Elaborated kinds of Combinations. And there among many kinds, The Desperado, Desperado Combinaion.

dpP of Purpose of this blog is to give just a simple idea of desperado combination. No too much detail and complication. Just idea. And rest depends on serious players.

A desperado is a piece which in a a certain combination will inevitably be lost, and in exchange for which one tries to get as much material as possible. See the diagram


Black now having the move, reasons as follows: I take the white Queen, then White captures mine. My Queen therefore is inevitably lost: this piece is a DESPERADO . So I shall take in exchange as much as I can get.' (Kindly keep in mind that Dr Max has written it long ago why you will find 'descriptive notation', I can change it in Algebric notation. Since, it is easy and simple example; focussing mainly on idea. I am letting it go as it is (almost, ChessWish) 1....QxR If now White plays 2 RxQ, thenĀ  ..BxQ; follows and Black's combination has won a Rook. White can now, however, also argue: 'My Queen is inevitably lost, so I shall take in exchange whatever I can get.'

This desperado action is much more forceful as at the same time it involvesĀ  a check. Black is forced to take White's Queen and after 3 RxQ, White has won the exchange.

I keep it simple, brief and to the point