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How I began playing chess

How I began playing chess

Nov 12, 2017, 1:32 PM 0

I began playing chess in the winter of 2016. I have a teacher named Mr. Robinson who is a strong chess player, he asked if I knew how to play chess and I said "no I know about it, but I have no idea how the pieces move or anything". So, he started teaching me how to play and we would frequently play with each other. I quickly got addicted to the game and started playing a lot on the chess.com's app for samsung, however it did impact my grades negatively and I ended up getting a C in chemistry which was a big blow to me. This year I made sure to not to let chess get in the way of my school work so I began to balance how much I play. A huge incentive for me to get better was my teacher told me that when I beat him I will obtain his 1960's chess set from gallant knight, I got close twice however, I got him into a draw. I did end up getting the chess set in a really close game, in the end game we each had a queen and a pawn, I ended up getting his queen by a skewer which was a huge turn for me. Me and my teacher still play chess however, this year we are doing tournaments with the chess club instead of just playing with my fellow mates. this is excellent because I can improve my skills throughout the year and in return get a higher rating on chess.com in the future. I would like to hear how you guys started playing chess, so give me a message and friend me and we can practice together and do some chessercise.  

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