Battle in the Benoni: Kortschnoi-Kasparov, Luzern 1982

Battle in the Benoni: Kortschnoi-Kasparov, Luzern 1982

IM Chessexplained
Mar 7, 2014, 10:09 AM |

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In a recent online rapidgame (15 Mins per player) I went for the Modern Benoni as black in response to White's kingside fianchetto setup vs the Kings Indian. For a while we were following a classic and very famous game by former World Champion Garry Kasparov.

Back in 1982 the Chess Olympiad was held in the swiss city of Luzern. Of course the USSR was big favorite to win, with then World Champion Anatoly Karpov in their team, supported by his probable future challenger, Garry Kasparov. The only 19 year old prodigy faced a most formidable opponent in the match against the host nation, Switzerland. Karpov took a time out, so Kasparov had to battle it out with Viktor Kortschnoi, often just called "Viktor the Terrible". It turned out to be one of the most famous games that Kasparov has played in his career.

I have analysed this game on Video for you to enjoy. Please post comments or questions here or on Youtube.