Popular Quotes About Chess

Jul 9, 2007, 3:31 AM |

It's no secret that Chess has been one of the most widespread games in all of history, spanning from it's earlier conception in India, and later making its way to South America where it was popularized and eventually brought to Europe and other parts of Asia. Chess' emphasis on strategy, intelligence and forethought have undoubtedly made it the game of choice  - from the highest of nobelty to the loweliest of peasents. Chess has certainly made strides in showing how even the lowest of social classes can best the highest. The following are a brief listing of historical or popular quotes pertaining to Chess, enjoy:

Once the game is over, the King and the pawn go back in the same box. -Italian Proverb

Nobody wins. One side just loses more slowly. -Unknown Source

The fact that the 7 hours time control allows us to play a great deep game is not of great importance for mass-media. -Alexei Shirov

When you absolutely don't know what to do anymore, it is time to panic. -John van der Wiel

The only thing chess players have in common is chess. -Lodewijk Prins

It is always better to sacrifice your opponent's men. -Savielly Tartakower

Chess is a sea in which a gnat may drink and an elephant may bathe. -Indian Proverb