Waukesha Memorial


This past Saturday I played in the Waukesha Memorial, which is a one day four round G/60 local tournament that I have played in each of the past three years since I returned to playing chess.


My results were as you would expect for my rating, which is to say that I won against players rated 1315 and 1467 and lost to players rated 1953 and 2200.


However, the thing that I take away as both blessing and curse is that I missed a win against the 1953 under inexcusable conditions (I had plenty of time to calculate and miscalculated what was an unsound sacrifice rather than determining that I could accept my opponents unsound sacrifice (i.e. in my second round game I could have played Bxa2 rather than Bxf7+).


In the game against the master I was better after 20-25 moves and I blew it. I lost a pawn, but could have drawn in the rook ending. At that point, however, I had no time left to calculate.


So I leave that tournament knowing that I am improving but still have some room to improve.


On the plus side, I think this is the first time I've gained rating points in this tournament!


On to the games...





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