Lost Love.

Aug 9, 2014, 6:14 PM |

Lost Love.


My heart bleeds an emotional torrent,

I am bereft of words and lost in thought,

As the love I wanted cannot be caught.


Where to go now?

What to do?

Knowing I'll not walk with you.


Stand tall Gardener,

Accept tears as your bird flies free,

I hope one day, you'll know what you meant to me?


My Bacchus cup overflows,

I am lost in time,

The Pierrot does his solitary mime.


It's all a dream,

Life's too short,

For this night to distort.


Finally when despair is at it's most potent,

You're numb with jelly like airs,

The mind succumbs is silent; your dreams now govern your cares.


©Chris Matthews...---...

 (work in progress 10/08/2014)