Hi, I am Christopher...

I am an amateur chess player. All of my games are 51 per cent lost, but I mastered some tactics to win the games.


When I was 7, I am a normal child, playing all things, observing things, and messing stuffs. One day, I was searching a new toy if my grandfather’s house. Then I found a black-white board (you know what is it). I and my brother also found the 32 black and white pieces. I asked my mom what it is. She said it was a chessboard and chess pieces. That’s when I start my hobby.

I asked her how to play. She doesn’t know, and then she told me that my father knew the basics of chess. My father knew the basics, but he forgotten the movement of the King and Castling. He installed a chess game into my laptop. I and my brother intensively play chess and challenging AI computers. For 3 years we played, I won almost all the games against my brother. From that time also I focused on my Primary School Graduation for 2 years, but my brother still playing with his friends. About 2013 and 2014 I started playing back chess. My brother had become too strong, that I lost 70 per cent of all games he played. I take the advantage to learn from him his chess techniques...


I play chess every weekends and vacation. I am improving my chess tactics, as I promised to my parents if I can hold my chess ability, they will enter me to Percasi (our national chess federation) and FIDE. I prove that by:

·         Winning my school’s 7th grade chess competition on the 3rd place last year

·         Improving my ELO in in average on 1500-1700.

Oh, yes... I forgotten, I join just now.