Me and Hmm...

Aug 23, 2015, 5:54 AM |

The second post…

For, not from, this moment, me as Christopher Chandra have a brother named Louis Richard Chandra, the one who had slain me as I wrote in my first post... and Jason Sebastian Husdin, the 1st Winner of the 7th grade Chess Competition last year. Here’s their short info:

·         Louis Richard “Daring Child” Chandra, my 11 years brother is a chess amateur, mastering mostly sacrifice and aggressive techniques. Well-known by his friend and teachers of his offensive and sacrifice techniques. Played chess since 2009, for me he’s better than me.


·         Christopher “Defender” Chandra, it’s me. Known for my defensive games, my intro can be viewed on my Introduction.



·         Jason Sebastian “Chess King” Husdin, stronger than us... he mastered intermediate techniques, the one who throwed me to the 3rd position in the Semifinal (Maaf, ya, Jason!). He got the 1st. Mostly I won on Lightnings, he won on Standards. But my brother can conquer him with his aggressive techniques.


Next post will be Louis Richard “Daring Child” Vs. Jason Sebastian “Chess King”.