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My friends

My friends

Jul 27, 2013, 10:42 AM 11

This blog is about all my friends and for all my friends.

When i came at chess.com i didn't know you all yet, after that i met Chitra, we are very good friends now(i hope chitra, that your not angry i use your name XD) then there came FunnyRockyBunny(Melita) she became a good friend of mine too but then she left the website and i think all the people who know her good are sad because she left. I just want to say: Chitra, we are very good friends and i hope we will stay good friends too :D it is very fun to play games against you and chat with you :)). Melita (if you ever read this if you come back) you are a very good friend off mine and i hope we will stay friend too :). And for all my other friends i hope we will get to know eachother better and be very good friends too :D. And final Xamdrasiel you are a good trainer for me and we wil be good friends too(i think :D) you are a very good sa.



(oh yeah next to this blog there stands Cindy8989 Netherlands but again i don't know how that came there and i think all of you know i am from spain)

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