Coach Dante's Student Appreciation Post! -- Team Fight
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Coach Dante's Student Appreciation Post! -- Team Fight

Jan 13, 2018, 11:10 PM |
The following game is a lovely brawl between two of my own students!  The Senior is fairly strong and has learned from his previous years quite well.  The younger student (Marked Junior) has put some serious study and energy into the team since I have come on board.
As often happens in a "young vs old" match-up, the older player outplays the younger in the opening and throughout the middlegame, but the younger player's tenacity created enough chances to take advantage of.  My older student was disappointed in losing this game to his teammate, but he was impressed by his junior's ability to hold on.  
We will notice quickly how lacking the younger student's opening knowledge and awareness are.  Many times he makes the strangest moves that just hang pawns.  Our Senior punishes the material losses sufficiently, and pushes his younger opponent to the ropes for a long time.  Time pressure and exhaustion play their fair share in this game, and the Senior eventually slips into an endgame with some difficulties.  The techniques proved too much for the Senior player. 


What can we learn from our players?

  1. In the opening it is important to consider our opponent's threats as well as continue on with our opening principles. Development and castling are important, but you cannot "accidentally" drop 2 pawns in the opening to achieve them when there are easier options!
  2. When up a significant amount of material it is important to look for favorable trades to get closer to an endgame. A pawn may not be all-important in the opening or middlegame, but in the endgame a single pawn can win!
  3. Time management and proper hydration/nutrition play key roles in keeping our minds sharp for long and grueling tournaments. Keep the clock in mind and keep your body and mind fueled!