Blizzard Blitz Fun

Blizzard Blitz Fun

NM CoachJKane
Jan 22, 2016, 6:30 PM |

Hi Chess Friends,

Here in the DC/Baltimore area, we're in the midst of major snow storm, so I'm getting plenty of time to waste playing chess online. Fortunately, one of my one minute games had some fun tactical moments.

My opponent made a serious mistake in the opening by pinning my knight on f6 when he was castled and my king was still in the center. I was able to chase the bishop and develop a quick kingside attack. See if you can calculate some of the tactical fireworks. I found one of them, but missed another.

I found the solution to the 2nd puzzle, but not the first one. Here's the full game, which ended with my opponent losing on time, as 1 minute games frequently do.
Enjoy and stay warm!