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The King Can Take Care of Himself

The King Can Take Care of Himself

Oct 10, 2015, 6:49 PM 1

I hope that by now everyone has had the chance to enjoy David Navara's brilliant (although not quite sound) king march from earlier this year. If you haven't, please enjoy the insanity.

I'm incredibly impressed by the creativity and calculation that goes into a game like that one. I've actually noticed in my own games, that I don't consider king advances in the middlegame as frequently as I should. In the next example, it nearly cost me a win from what was otherwise a dominant game. In a piece up position, my move, 28.Bf4 gave black an opportunity to cause a lot of trouble. Only his error with 29...Nh5+ let me re-take control. 
The whole scare in that game could have been avoided if I had just assessed my opponent's threats correctly and found a safe home for my king. What would you play?
I'm working on learning my lesson from GM Navara. The following 5-minute game is my best king-walk to date. It's not GM level, but it was pretty fun.
Do you have any good stories of a brave king?

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