C&O Scholastic Award Standards - 2017

C&O Scholastic Award Standards - 2017

Dec 14, 2015, 7:55 AM |

C&O Scholastic Award Standards -2017

Level 1    Car Magnet: All students (upon finishing)

Level 2    Golden Knight pin: Have an active Chess.com (C.c) account

Level 3    Chessboard pin: Finish 20+ C.c L/R & 'Daily' games 

Level 4    Medal:  Finish 30+ C.c L/R games with a 450+ rating

Level 6    Medal:  Finish 50+ C.c L/R games with a 650+ rtg.

Level 8    Trophy:  Finish 75+ C.c L/R games with an 850+ rtg.

Level 10  Trophy:  Finish 100+ C.c L/R games with a 1050+ rtg.

Level 12  (Adv. Book): Finish 125+ C.c L/R games w/1250+ rtg.


Beginner Puzzles (book) will be awarded at coaches discretion to novice players (rating below 650) who show good attention, attendance, and regular practice habits on Chess.com.


'Awards' are earned when L/R-ratings are 50 points higher than level. Online 'rating groups' exist at 200 point intervals. Students should keep track of their own progress and notify coaches when they are eligible for a new, higher, rating group.