Nickname changes - a pun for a pun

Dec 27, 2013, 8:05 AM |

I didn't know that you only get one nickname change from

Well, I tried CrackMyBishop on for size. Didn't like it; Wasn't very punny, I thought.

which led me to try to change it to TickleMeElo or B-Queen-a-rook-and-a-hard-place, both of which I thought were heading in the right direction; albeit the latter was indeed a mouthful.

But, alas, dear readers -- just one change permitted.

 Moral of blog-post: Use your one change wisely!

On a (King)side note, does anyone have any clever chess puns?

Ed: Unless you ask the gracious staff very nicely and offer to praise the site when beating Carlsen one day!