2016 Southern California State Chess Championships

2016 Southern California State Chess Championships

NM CraiggoryC

28th Southern California Championship
July 7-10, 2016

The 2016 So Cal State Chess Champs were held in Temecula, CA. This year's cowinners were John Daniel Bryant and Keaton Kiewra, congrats to both! This was a very strong tournament with an average rating of over 2450 USCF! Below I'll give some interesting moments in my games. Try to learn from my mistakes so that you don't blow a game against a GM like I did!

Missed Opportunities:
Let's see if you can find the attacking moves that were missed by my GM opponent!

How did White continue his attack in this position?
Can you find Black's best defense?
Can you find the mate that White was threatening in the game?
Can you find the winning line, that I failed to spot in the game?
Can you defend (and attack) like a GM?
The entire game is below:
King and Pawn Endgame: A missed save
If you don't believe me that the final position is a draw, try it out on a tablebase by clicking here
Can you find White's best move, which would have saved a difficult position?

Victory at Last!:

How did Black take advantage White's last inaccurate move?

Can you take advantage of White's last inaccurate move again? Think of improving your pieces and then starting a Queenside attack!
In the game White played 25. Kb1. Why couldn't White just take on c4?
There are many wins here, but how can Black simply win material here; using a nice tactic?
The entire game is below:

Click here for the website with more information on the tournament